WebSphere MQ and MQ Adapters Setup Service

WebSphere MQ and MQ Adapter Setup and Configuration

W3Partnership have implemented and installed WMQ and MQ Adapters on many different client sites.


  • Impact Assessment to identify potential technical risks and issues in installing and configuring IBM MQ.
  • Installation Planning to provide a high level plan to identify responsibilities and dependencies.
  • Outline if any of the additional MQ products/options will fulfil a need in your environment.


  • Usage: An onsite analysis of the current application connectivity requirements in order to assess the risks and impacts of MQ server / client configurations.
  • Scope: The topics covered can be tailored to suit individual needs but by default will include the following:
    • Installation
    • Customisation
    • Security/Channel Exits within the system o Interoperability
    • Training needs o New products/options
    • Project dependencies o Security features - identify security measures necessary for MQ and individual services (i.e. channel security)
    • Sizing - identify message volume expected to be handled by MQ and individual services. This will define the log file configuration and method (i.e. Linear or Circular)
    • Resilience - identify resilience requirements for MQ as a whole and for individual services
    • Identify services that are intended for MQ, existing services may require changes.
    • Environment architecture - determine the number of environments and the configuration of the queue manager(s) necessary to support each environment.
    • Coexistence - identify if previous versions of MQ are used, and whether they support coexistence (only possible after version
    • Availability - identify the availability for MQ as a whole and for individual services