How we help

W3Partnership is an independent provider of business consulting and Integration expertise, offering strategic consulting and Integration services at the point where business and technology converge.


W3Partnership uniquely provides solutions and services that help organisations make sense of their digital applications and services, through integrated platforms and pattern. We are in a position to design, develop, host, manage and monitor such platforms.


We do this by combining proven expertise in the delivery of Integration architectures and Patterns, together with solutions from the leading vendors in the Integration space such as; IBM, WSO2, MuleSoft, Nastel and Carrenza.

  • Consultancy

    SMEs to help you get your Digital Integration project up and running quickly with installations, configurations, skills transfer and POCs.

  • Middleware

    Whether you are new to a middleware integration product or you are not achieving the ROI that you expected, we can help.

  • Platform
    As A Service

    Choose between Private, Public or Hybrid PaaS solutions to meet your individual service and security needs.

  • Infrastructure
    As A Service

    Let our experienced consultants help you make the most of your investment be it on premise, virtual or cloud based.

  • Patterns Based

    W3Partnership offers consultants to set up your business's middleware tools in a cloud.

  • Development

    Do you have the expertise in your development teams? Is your project a first of a kind in your organisation? We can help you to develop the solution.

Market leading solutions and services