IBM Integration Bus (IIB) Performance Tuning Service

Improve the performance of your existing IIB setup

W3Partnership will review your IIB (Message Broker) performance and assess the key performance and security parameters of your installation to help you realise the full value of your infrastructure.


  • Verify: To verify the implementation and installation of IIB against best practices.
  • Performance: To identify any flaws or gaps in the implementation that could affect availability and performance.
  • Optimise: To ensure that key parameters are set appropriately to optimise usage and address key business imperatives.


  • Review: An onsite review of the documentation and IIB installation and configuration parameters are conducted to establish the current state of the implementation.
  • Comparison: The results of the review are analysed and base lined against established best practice gained from comparative reviews of similar installations.
  • Recommendations: The baseline is documented and a prioritised set of recommendations for improvements to the IIB implementation is developed.